Welcome to Bigelow Brook Farm. Don’t let our name fool you – we are an active farm, as well as a technology consulting and design company focusing on controls and automation in agricultural and light-industrial industries. Our goal is to assist you with your existing systems and help to refine and implement technology to simplify your processes and reduce cost.

Our latest product, the GrowGrip™, is a new and exciting method for raising plants in hydroponic and aquaponic systems - saving time and money for many growers.

Although it may seem like an odd product, we also sell expanded shale - a very lightweight growing media that is used in the hydroponic and aquaponic industries. Our farming operation has the capability to store and package large quantities of material, while our expertise in technology allows us to efficiently distribute the product.
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On April 11th, we will be teaching a class sponsored by the University of Connecticut Extension Master Gardener Program.  This is a 2 hour session right here at our aquaponic geodesic dome greenhouse.  This is an introductory class for folks who want to gain a better understanding of what aquaponics is all about.

Space is limited to 18 people.  Cost is only $40.00 for Master Gardeners or $50.00 for Non-Master Gardeners (people with black thumbs).

For more details and sign-up information, please see the class catalog link and go to page 15: Class Catalog

UConn Class
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GrowGrip T-Shirts are here! Browse through the different varieties in our mini-store.
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